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Charleston Real Estate Expert : Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis

18 N. Adgers Wharf
Charleston SC 29401

Office: 843-343-3300
Cell: 843-343-3300

Jennifer has a strong desire to protect and preserve the history and charm of Charleston.

Jennifer Davis founded Domicile Real Estate Brokerage in 2007. Jennifer approaches both residential and commercial real estate with a keen analytical eye and is an expert in pairing key investors with opportune properties. Jennifer brings added value with her knowledge of tax credits and conservation easements, which benefit her clients beyond the purchase of a historic property.

Prior to founding Domicile, Jennifer was the co-founder for Ibis, Inc., a historic real estate development partnership. During her tenure, she purchased, restored and marketed more than 20 historic properties demonstrating her expertise. Under Jennifer’s stewardship, Ibis won the prestigious South Carolina Honor Award for Historic Preservation and her projects were featured in magazines such as House Beautiful, The New York Times and Home Style.

Jennifer has a strong desire to protect and preserve the history and charm of Charleston. She has served as a board member of The S.C. Coastal Conservation League, The Palmetto Conservation Foundation and the Historic Beaufort Foundation.

After running her own exceptionally successful brokerage for twelve years, Jennifer is excited that the partnership with Hudson Phillips Charleston Properties allows her to focus entirely on what she enjoys most:

“I love selling properties that have been delicately handled over many generations and working with buyers who value houses that have retained their character. There is so much to discover and embrace and learn from these buildings. I love the people who love digging through the evolution of a house or a commercial building.”

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